Street Waste

So, one day I get a phone call from my darling girlfriend saying that she is standing by a printer on the street and would I like her to bring it back to the flat for me to play with. How lovely.

Unfortunately, I don't have photos to show you what it looked when I first got it, but it didn't look dissimilar to this:

old printer

It's and Epson Color740i, I am not sure how old it was, but my guess is well over 5 years, as it still had a parallel port on the back.


I had an evening to myself soon after this printer found me, having no idea if it worked or not, I started taking it apart. Having already taken one printer apart, I was pretty confident with this one, so I set up my camera for a time lapse. Whist enjoying a nice cup of tea, I did this:

I have to say the printer just kept on giving, at first I just wanted to see what it looked like under the hood, then I saw that I could take something off, and then I became more interested and eventually I had stripped it down to the bare essentials. For me it's particularly useful because at this point I don't have a plotter to work with, and I am trying to nail Bresenham's Line Algorithm, I need two steppers for and I need to see what they are doing.

It seemed absolutely perfect for me, even the wires going to the motors were solid core and perfectly separated to fit into my breadboard. This was an unexpected surprise, but a very useful one. A still of the disassembled printer looks like this: