When it's my birthday, I get cards from relatives wishing me a happy birthday and that kind of thing. I try to write back to these relatives, saying thank you for the card and anything else that came with it. My handwriting has always been terrible and somehow it's getting worse, to the point that when I write now I pretty much write everything in capitals. I don't want to write to my relatives in messy writing that they can hardly read. I want to send them a beautifully written letter. I want to write a letter with beautiful serif characters.

And this is where my obsession began. I want to produce a piece of paper with writing done by a pen, but this writing to be so clean and perfect that it looks like something you have never seen before. Something with the precision of a machine but with the feeling of a standard pen.


Pedro will be a plotter, built from scratch. It/he is going to be built to accommodate A3 sized paper. It will connect to a computer via USB and receive instructions from Sybil. The construction will include two stepper motors and a servo for the control of the pen. All electronics will be handled with an Atmel AVR chip, programmed in C.


Sybil is Pedro's software counterpart written in C++ using openFrameworks, OpenCV and some other goodies.


Here is the rough schedule for the development of this project, I say rough because when I made it I had no I idea how long each part would take, so I naively said something would take a week when with a little more knowledge about it I realised that it would take far longer, and vice versa.